Is Sedation Dentistry Right For You?

Many individuals dislike going to the dentist. However, for some people the situation involves more than a simple dislike of the dentist. For those dental patients, their fear can prevent them from making an appointment, even when they are experiencing problematic issues.

Unfortunately, avoiding the dentist due to fear and anxiety is a step that can lead to gum disease and the loss of most or all of the teeth. This condition is known as dental phobia, and it is a common problem that prevents many people from obtaining the routine dental care they need to maintain good oral health. Fortunately, sedation dentistry is available to provide a safe, anxiety-free scenario for individuals with phobias to obtain proper dental care.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

In order to induce a relaxed state of mind, sedation dentistry employs the use of sedatives to calm the patient. A variety of sedatives are commonly used with this type of strategy including depressants, nitrous oxide, tranquillizers, anti-anxiety medications, and so on. No matter what type of sedation you receive, it is important that you have someone else drive you home. You will not shake off the effect of the sedation completely for several hours, and therefore, you will not be in any shape to drive on your own.

Years ago, a patient would receive their sedative intravenously via an injection, or they would breathe in nitrous oxide. However, today’s methods of inducing sedation attempt to create a user-friendly experience for the patient. Many Las Vegas dentists practice oral sedation dentistry, inducing a comfortable scenario in which the patient feels as though they have just taken a nap from which they have awoken.

Do I Still Need Local Anesthetic Injections with Sedation Treatments?

Oral sedation is meant to relax the patient but does not block the pain. Therefore, a local anesthesia is administered in order to block the pain for the patient. Without it, the patient would not be able to remain relaxed throughout the procedure. However, neither will the patient remember having received the local anesthetic injection.

Are There Any Benefits with Sedation Treatments?

Perhaps the most important benefit created by the use of sedation dentistry treatments is that people who would not otherwise seek professional dental care will have access to it. As a result, tooth loss and periodontal disease may be averted. Plus, regular visits to the dentist become possible, enabling better overall oral health.

With sedations dentistry, the patient is unaware of the exact amount of time that is spent receiving treatment. In fact, he may feel as though he has only been in the dental chair for a few minutes.

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