Partial Dentures Restore Your Smile and Enhance Your Ability to Eat and Talk

Losing your teeth is never a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, accidents can knock teeth out of the mouth, cavities that have been left too long can lead to tooth extraction, and periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss. Replacing them with partial dentures can bring some joy back into your life as you regain your natural smile and the confidence that goes along with it.

What Is a Partial Set of Dentures?

When some of your teeth are missing, your dentist can restore your smile and the functionality of using your teeth to chew by helping you to obtain a set of partial dentures. Also referred to as false teeth, a partial set of dentures is designed to replace the teeth that are missing.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Partial Set of Dentures?

Although the cost of partial dentures might lead you to reconsider your decision to get them, the benefits far outweigh the expense. Some of the benefits of getting a partial set of dentures include:

  • The restoration of a full smile
  • Prevention of the movement of the remaining teeth
  • Restoration of the functionality of your biting and/or chewing capacity

What Types of Partial Dentures Can Your Las Vegas Dentist Provide?

Also referred to by many people as false teeth, a partial set of dentures takes the place of the missing teeth in your mouth. Two types exist, including a removable and a fixed version.

What Are Removable Partial Dentures?

Also known as precision dentures, the removable style of partial dentures can be placed in and out of the mouth as needed by the individual wearing them. This style of tooth replacement is fabricated using metal framework to secure the dentures in place along with a durable, plastic base that is gum-colored. The dentures should be removed each night for proper cleaning to maintain good oral hygiene.

What Are Fixed Partial Dentures?

Primarily used when only one or two teeth are missing in the mouth, fixed partials are designed to remain in place. They are more commonly known as dental bridges, which make use of crowns to secure them and pontics to replace the missing teeth. Fixed or permanent partials remain in place until they are broken or circumstances necessitate their removal. They are cemented in place, so only your dentist can remove them.

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