New Location Address: 3225 South Rainbow Blvd Suite 104, Las Vegas, NV

std-blog-new-locationSmiles Today Dental is a one stop full service dental office in Las Vegas. After a number of years at 1580 East Desert Inn Road, we have added another state-of-the art dental facility at 3225 South Rainbow Blvd Suite 104.

Our new facility is equipped with the latest dental tools and technologies and manned by professionals who have gained extensive expertise in their specialties. As always, you’ll receive a superior level of care irrespective of the complexity of the procedure you have opted for. We are focused and dedicated in our vision to offer high quality treatment so you can lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Why Visit us at Smiles Today Dental?

Our team takes great pride in our chair-side manners. You’ll find a warm, friendly and stress-free environment that is highly conducive to health and healing. Instead of long waiting hours, you’ll be happy to find prompt service as we don’t take your time for granted. Our center is spotlessly clean and equipment is sterilized to ensure high quality health standards.

Although we offer an extensive range of dental products by highly experienced dentists, we have made every effort to keep our prices affordable. We have several payment options and financing plans which can help you plan ahead for any treatment. Further, our in-house lab ensures that there is a quick turnaround and no delay at any time. Every member of our team is committed to offering a special and personalized service where you’ll never be just another patient. Your needs and health are our first priority.

A Wide Range of Services

Most people dread having to visit the dentist as it is normally associated with pain or discomfort. On the contrary, since the medical team at Smiles Today Dental is backed by years of experience and expertise, we know how exactly to treat problems without causing you too much stress. Whether you’re looking for dental bleaching, an extraction, braces, implants, root canal therapy, gum treatments, tooth restoration, porcelain veneers or intraoral/extraoral x-rays; we’ve got you covered.

There’s no reason why you should continue living with tooth pain or dental issues. This is not something that you should ignore or postpone as dental problems can get complicated and delayed treatment could be expensive. It is always best to get in touch with an experienced and professional dental center who can tackle the problem head on. Do get in touch with us and we would be delighted to help you.

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