Root Canal Therapy

Las Vegas Root Canal Therapy

When you have a tooth that is severely damaged and Las Vegas root canal therapy has been recommended, the process is essential to the overall health of your teeth.

When is root canal necessary?

A root canal is used to treat a tooth that is in risk of dying or that has already died.

Can my Las Vegas dentist do a root canal?

Typically, root canal treatments are handled by dentists who specialize in this procedure. This type of dental specialist is known as an endodontist.

If the tooth is dead, why bother with a root canal treatment?

Root canal is performed to save a tooth from extraction. If you do not have the tooth pulled and you choose not to undergo root canal therapy, the existing decay and/or infection can spread to neighboring teeth in your mouth, causing additional damage. If a tooth that needs root canal is ignored, it can lead to an abscess and terrible pain. A Las Vegas Root Canal specialist can save your tooth, making it possible for you to keep it rather than having it pulled.

I am experiencing pain. How do I know if I am a good candidate for root canal therapy?

If you are experiencing any of the following conditions, you might need to visit a Las Vegas root canal specialist:

  • Severe pain that materializes out of nowhere
  • Throbbing or pain when biting or chewing
  • Extreme sensitivity to cold or hot food or beverages
  • A visible abscess on the gum line near the afflicted tooth.
What can I expect with my Las Vegas root canal treatment?

During the root canal process, the endodontist removes existing decay from the roots of the tooth where decay has set in. The roots contain nerve tissue, which must be removed to prevent infection.

To gain access to the roots of the tooth, the endodontist creates a small opening in the top of the tooth. Utilizing specialized equipment, he removes the decayed pulp. The tooth is then prepared for the next stage of the root canal treatment, which will not take place until your next visit.

When you return, the endodontist fills the opening where he has extracted the damaged pulp tissue. Finally, he seals the opening of the tooth to prevent future infection.

Will my Las Vegas root canal specialist put me to sleep for the procedure?

In most cases, a root canal is performed after the patient receives a local anesthetic.

How long does a root canal take?

The length of time that your root canal takes is determined by several factors including the degree of infection, the number of afflicted nerves in the tooth, and your ability to recover from the procedure.

Will I experience any pain during or after my root canal treatment?

In most cases, the entire procedure is absolutely painless except for the numbing needle, which is nothing more than a pinch. You should not feel any pain afterwards because all of the infection and decay has been removed. However, if your tooth is severely infected, you may experience a small amount of soreness for a day or so after the root canal procedure. Your Las Vegas root canal dentist will provide you with instructions on post-procedure care, including any form of pain management that may be necessary once you arrive home.

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