Often considered a cosmetic treatment, gingival sculpting or gingival contouring as it is also known, is sometimes recommended by your Las Vegas dentist for the purposes of enhancing your existing smile. It is also used for the purposes of improving your dental health. This procedure is typically performed by a periodontist or a dentist trained in cosmetic dentistry.

What is Gingival Sculpting?

Gingival sculpting is a minimally invasive procedure that uses lasers to re-sculpt your gums by trimming uneven gingival tissues or removing excessive amounts of gingival tissue. Soft tissue sculpting usually involves some amount of bone re-contouring that cannot be completed using laser treatment.

What is Involved in Gingival Sculpting?

This gum-contouring process takes off extra gum tissue in order to reveal more teeth or even out the gum line for a cleaner, more natural appearance. This is a minor procedure that takes a single visit to your periodontist or cosmetic dentist. It usually lasts about an hour. A local anesthetic is used to numb the gums. A specialized laser, known as a soft tissue laser, is utilized to remove, trim, or re-shape the gums. It is also applied to your gum tissue to seal it. Very little bleeding is involved during this gum-shaping procedure.

If bone surgery is needed, more time is involved. Although little pain or discomfort occurs during this process, stitches are often required when the bone in the jaw is also involved in the sculpting process. In some cases, sedation dentistry may be involved.

What Conditions Can Gingival Sculpting Correct?

When gingival sculpting is performed for esthetic reasons, it can correct each of the following types of problems:

  • Asymmetrical contours
  • Excessive soft tissue display
  • Exposed roots
  • Missing papillae

Some of the problems necessitating gingival sculpting are the result of poor dental hygiene. Improper brushing of the teeth can lead to deep pockets in the gums. The accumulation of plaque and calculus due to poor flossing and brushing

What Are the Benefits of Gingival Sculpting?

Once you have undergone the procedure, your gums look and feel healthier. Your smile looks more attractive, giving your confidence level a boost. Plus, your smile looks more natural as the disparity between your gums and teeth is eliminated. This procedure can be used to diminish overly large gums that seem to dwarf your teeth, making them look smaller.

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