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What can you do when you are missing one or more teeth in your mouth? After all, if you don’t bother to correct this situation, the remaining teeth might move in position, changing your bite and leading to even more problems.

As the teeth shift in place, you might experience issues with TMJ, a temporomandibular joint disorder. Your smile might also change in appearance in a noticeable way. Additionally, the loss of a tooth and failure to replace it can increase your chances of experience periodontal disease. Depending on the location of the missing tooth, you might also develop a speech impediment that makes it more difficult for people to understand what you are saying.

If you are missing a single tooth and prefer not to get a dental implant, you can choose to get a bridge instead. Dental bridges are also available for individuals who are missing more than one tooth.

What Are Dental Bridges?
Dental bridges are designed to replace missing teeth. They are used in place of partial dentures and/or implants as an alternative tooth-replacement strategy.
What Are Fixed Dental Bridges?
A fixed bridge is one that is permanently set in place. Three basic types exist, including conventional, resin-bonded, and cantilever. Both conventional and cantilever bridges are attached to the teeth surrounding an area where a tooth is missing. In order to secure the bridge properly, a tooth on either side of the opening is reshaped and fitted with a crown. Both crowns are attached to an artificial tooth known as a pontic, creating a single entity that is permanently attached in place.

The resin-bonded bridge is usually used to replace missing teeth in the front of the mouth. It can only be used if the patient has healthy gums and the remaining teeth in the front of the mouth are relatively free of dental fillings. The resin-bonded bridge is a less invasive process since the adjacent teeth do not require as much preparation to make them suitable for attaching the bridge.

Materials Used to Make Dental Bridges
Today’s dental bridges are crafted from a combination of porcelain and metal or porcelain and gold. A high-strength metal free dental bridge is also available, and it is made from alumina or zirconia.
The Procedure Used for Dental Bridges
In order to create a bridge that is ideal for your needs, your dentist takes his time to ensure a good fit. X-rays are taken along with several impressions of the area requiring a bridge. Once the teeth on each side of the missing teeth are prepared, new impressions are made. Many Las Vegas dentists also like to take preoperative photographs for their records.

The dentist orders the fabrication of your bridge once the final impression is taken. Your choice of materials may be determined by your dental insurance and what it covers. Your dentist will fit you with a temporary bridge to wear while you are waiting for the permanent one to be completed.

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