Digital Dentistry

Las Vegas Digital Dentistry
Digital dentistry practices deliver enhanced quality for the components that they produce. Through a unique process that involves specialized software (CAD/CAM design software) and 3-D imaging and printing, Las Vegas Digital Dentistry takes dental procedures to a new plane. We use the latest techniques to minimize your discomfort, while providing exceptional dental work.   Accurately producing bridges, crowns, and veneers for their patients, dentists who take advantage of digital dentistry procedures ease the discomfort of their dental patients, while delivering exceptional restorations and minimizing the time involved to complete the work. Digital dental procedures allow rapid completion of restoration designs since the 3-D printer does all of the difficult work.
What Can Las Vegas Digital Dentistry Do?
This dental office utilizes the modern technology of digital dentistry to conduct a variety of essential tasks using intraoral 3-D dental scanners and a varied assortment of dental design software. They include using digital files for:

  • The swift production of retainers and clear aligners
  • Easy creation of delivery trays to enable precise and accurate alignment and insertion of real veneers
  • The creation of authentic looking veneer prototypes that makes it possible for dental patients to try on and sample veneers before actually completing the order
  • The production of surgical guides
  • The production of orthodontic appliances
  • The creation of stone models crafted from digital file
Las Vegas Digital Dentistry – Meeting the Needs of Today’s Dental Patients
Today’s busy lifestyles demand modern advances in dental proficiency, enabling patients to receive their treatments in half the time their predecessors had to endure. We provide a full array of diagnostic digital imaging technologies so that we can meet the needs of our patients easily and efficaciously. Las Vegas digital dentistry practices offer:

  • Exceptional precision
  • High level of efficiency
  • Swift turnaround
  • Wide range of capabilities
  • Full-arch digital impressions

Easing the fear of being at the dentist is readily accomplished for our patients now that we have updated to the latest in digital dentistry. These techniques allow us to treat our patients diligently and swiftly. As a result, waiting times are down and a friendly atmosphere is always present at our Las Vegas Dentist Office. Whether you are here for porcelain crowns or veneers, our skillful dentists are ready to serve your needs while making you feel comfortable and welcome in our offices.

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