How to Deal with Bad Breath

How to Deal with Bad Breath   Nearly everyone has had a case of halitosis (bad breath) at least once or twice in their lifetime. It can be one of the most embarrassing moments of your life when you are young, and unpleasant but not nearly as embarrassing when you are older. As pe

Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

Permanent Tooth Loss Solutions – Are Dental Implants Right for Me? Dental implants come in many forms. The most common form currently used is known as the endosteal implant. This type of dental implant utilizes a three component system to replicate the effects and appearance of

Partial Dentures Restore Your Smile

Partial Dentures Restore Your Smile and Enhance Your Ability to Eat and Talk Losing your teeth is never a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, accidents can knock teeth out of the mouth, cavities that have been left too long can lead to tooth extraction, and periodontal disease can lea
Teeth Flossing Las Vegas

Teeth Flossing

Las Vegas Teeth Flossing   Did you know that the ADA or American Dental Association highly recommends that you floss your teeth daily in order to maintain healthy gums? Flossing is considered to be part of a good oral hygiene plan. For the best results, find a flossing product th
Dental Abscesses las vegas

Tooth Abscesses

What You Need to Know About Tooth Abscesses An abscess is a life-threatening issue. It can occur in the mouth, jaw, and even the throat. It is an extremely serious dental problem that can lead to a lot of pain, particularly if it is not taken care of properly. Whenever an abscess occu
Dental posts las vegas

What Are Posts

What Are Dental Posts? The decision by your dentist to place a post in your tooth is made according to how much of the original tooth structure is still viable or remaining above your gum line. When the tooth is severely fractured or has sustained an excessive amount of dental decay,

Periodontal Treatment

Las Vegas Periodontal Treatments Maintaining your periodontal health is critical for your teeth. When your gum tissues become too soft, they tend to slip away from the teeth, enabling plaque and calculus to form on the roots of your teeth. The plaque combines with sugars and starches
gingival dentistry las vegas

Gingival Sculpting

Las Vegas Gingival Sculpting   Often considered a cosmetic treatment, gingival sculpting or gingival contouring as it is also known, is sometimes recommended by your Las Vegas dentist for the purposes of enhancing your existing smile. It is also used for the purposes of improving
Dental sealants in las vegas

Dental Sealants

Over the last several decades, many new strategies have come into play for treatment against dental decay as well as for the protection of the teeth and gums against unnecessary diseases. One of these breakthrough treatments involves dental sealants.   What Are Dental Sealants? D
Brushing with good toothpaste

Brushing with a Good Toothpaste

Brushing with a Good Toothpaste   Maximizing the effectiveness of your tooth brushing and flossing techniques is a simple task that can enhance the health teeth and extend their longevity. Unfortunately, most people fall into a pattern of using the same toothpaste, brushing patte